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TAB has been devoted to the creation and development of the most advanced and functional folders for more than 70 years, designing them for optimal visibility, fast retrieval and maximum longevity.

With our GBS Brand we offer a wide range of styles and features allowing you to choose the folder that works best for your filing and storage standards.

Choose from:

  • various brand matched folders including Ames, Barkley, Jeter, Kardex compatible and TAB
  • letter and legal sizes
  • different tab locations and sizes: top tab, side tab, end tab and half cut tabs
  • different construction materials, including extra-strong reinforced folders, kraft, pressboard or colored paper stock
  • a range of folder accessories such as storage pockets, dividers and fasteners

To add printing, fasteners, pockets or other customizations to GBS file folders, please reach out to our custom team at 1-888-822-9777 or email