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NetLabels file labeling software

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NetLabels file labeling software

Save time and money by printing your own color-coded file labels. NetLabels is a leading internet-delivered solution for label printing and document management, offering an endless array of label designs, forms, and printing options, on your existing PC’s and low-cost inkjet and laser printers.

Why NetLabels 3.0?

NetLabels is easy.

Print labels in three simple steps: select the design, enter or import your data and click “print”.

NetLabels is flexible.

NetLabels is flexible.

NetLabels is secure.

Sensitive data never leaves your computer.

NetLabels Features:

  • Color-match letters or numbers to any popular labeling system
  • Print text such as names or account numbers on both sides of the label, for quick identification
  • Use highlights to emphasize important text
  • Print color bands or year codes to quickly identify specific types of files

Complete our Contact Form for more information or to receive a quote on NetLabels software for your organization. You can also call 1-800-873-4427 or email